Wii-ni n’guch-tood Labour Market Services (WLMS)

Mission Statement

“The Wii-ni n’guch-tood LMS will enhance and support the interests of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve through design, funding, monitoring, and evaluation of training initiative and employment programs. By promoting economic growth, all activity shall be determined by its benefit to the total membership, the environment, and with consideration to the uniqueness of the people of Wikwemikong.”



The Wii-ni n’guch-tood LMS is the existing service delivery structure administering the current contribution agreement with Service Canada. Wii-ni n’guch-tood LMS is the employment training and funding source for Wikwemikong Band Members and employers. Their main role is to assist band members achieve their career goals through employment and training opportunities as well as provide counselling and screening services.


The LMS is responsible for the entire project life cycle, including development, assessment, recommendation and approval of the project, and obtaining approval of funding from the Wikwemikong Development Commission Board of Directors. The life cycle of the projects includes contracting, monitoring, closeout and follow-up of all eligible clientele. The LMS is required to submit financial reports of commitments and expenditures of the ASETS agreement on a quarterly basis to the Wikwemikong Development Commission and the compiling of consolidated reports to Service Canada. The LMS will maintain the existing financial management service with WDC, and is responsible for general ledger, cheque processing, accounts payable of vendors. LMS is responsible for confirmation of client eligibility and will ensure that clients participating under this initiative meet Employment Insurance guidelines criteria.

Wii-ni n’guch-tood LMS staff include ASETS Manager, Administrative Assistant, Finance Officer, Operations Supervisor, Employment & Training Officer, Intake Worker, and Apprenticeship Coordinator. During peak periods, the LMS office will contract with individuals to meet the demands of the organization creating part-time/contract opportunities.

Aboriginal Skills Employment Training Strategy (ASETS)

The Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy will help band members access the training and skills they need, both now and for the long term. The ASETS program has three strategic priorities, including supporting demand-driven skills development, fostering partnerships with the private sector and the provinces and territories, and be a vehicle to balance accountability with striving to achieve results targets. Through the ASETS, we will be a strong and vibrant community developing the community’s economic development projects while moving towards a greener environment through various initiatives.