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Course Purchase

Course Purchase provides financial assistance to eligible band members for the purchase of training to improve the client's employability and economic self-sufficiency.

The Wii-ni n'guch-tood L.D.M. has developed the following guidelines for the Course Purchase component as part of the programs/ services offered.

  • Client must be a WUIR member.
  • Client must meet the Wii-ni n'guch-tood LDM Individual Eligibility Requirements.
  • Client must be assessed and recommended for assistance by the Employment & Training Officer as required.
  • Client must complete the course purchase application package in full, request must meet the training mandate of the Wii-ni n'guch-tood LDM.
  • Client must be assessed and recommended for assistance by the Employment and Training Officer as required.
  • Client must not have any outstanding training overpayments with the LDM, other LDM's, HRSDC, WBE, and Canada Employment Insurance Commission.

Client must sign a release of information form for the purpose of verifying the above information.

pdf   CKL003_CP_APPLICATION_May_2013.pdf  


pdf   APP-LDM-003_-_DATA_DISCLOSURE_March_2016.pdf

pdf   APP-LDM-012_-_PHOTO_RELEASE_March_2016.pdf

pdf   APP-LDM008_CONFLICT_OF_INTEREST_April_2012.pdf

pdf  APP-LDM014_DIRECT_DEPOSIT_April_2012.pdf   

Policies and Guidelines (Subject to change)

pdf IND_MAY_2013.pdf

pdf COURSE_PURCHASE_May_2013.pdf

Other forms: (If applicable)


pdf ADMIN-LDM008_CHILDCARE_CLAIM_Form_April_2012.pdf 


 pdf Appeal_Policy_April_2003.pdf