Mobility Assistance

Mobility Assistance is designed to assist band members with financial support for job interviews and/or relocation assistance for NEW employment. Mobility assistance is not to be used for career changes.

Employment where an individual had not had the same employment in the past two (2) years.

  • Client must be a WUIR member.
  • Client must meet the Wii-ni n'guch-tood L.D.M.'s Individual Eligibility Requirements.
  • Client must be assessed and recommended for assistance by the Employment and Training Officer as required.
  • Client must complete, in full, the application forms.
  • Client must provide confirmation of new full time employment of thirty (30) hours or more.
  • Client must also have been unemployed for a period of no less than two weeks (14 days) prior to application.

Client must sign a release of information form for the purpose of verifying the above information.

Mobility Assistance Package